Journal Entry: July 30, 2008 Call from Katie

Got a call from Katie in Genetics. Her familiar soft voice reassured me today. She offered me a Level II Ultrasound at 18 weeks. She also explained that there is a couple of additional screening tests that can be done sooner than that. They would only indicate the probability of Down's or Trisomy, and following that, an amnio is suggested. But she remembered how I adamently declined these tests with Charlotte and understands if I decline them now.

She actually said she thought I was *brave* and that she respected my decision to stand my ground for myself in declining further testing... way back when. **sigh**.

I never thought I'd be rootin' for Trisomy, but today I am.

Apparently the likelihood of having another child with some or all of the genetic problems that Charlotte had WITHOUT there being a Trisomy is greater than if Charlotte did have T18. If she did not have T18 and had those particular problems, the chance is greater that they could repeat themselves in subsequent children.

If she did indeed have T18 it could have been a total *fluke* or one of us could have carried it. We've already ruled out me being a carrier. It's almost a moot point right now if B carries it. Wouldn't change anything anyway.

But for now, if it's settled that she did have it then there is a 1% chance it could ever happen again. That brought me some relief today. At least until my next appointment. Here we go...