Journal Entry: July 21, 2008 The puppies are here!

Just wanted to update really quickly that Coco had her puppies! They were born July 13th.
She indeed had 3. Two boys and one girl. The little girl is just darling. Her coat is beautiful. Chocolate brown and white. One brother is taffy and white and the other is a polka dotted black and white cow. They are all named and very much loved. Little Boy #1 is named Butters. Little Boy #2 Is Bon Bon (Named by my daughter, however I was calling him Oliver). And Little Miss is named Curry. So precious.
Our family went to a soccer game and when we came home, the first little boy was already born and literally hanging out of Coco, only attached by the cord. I'll spare all of the gorey details, but I will say that I was able to help deliver the second and third pup.

They are growing so fast already. They're eyes are still closed, but their bellies are getting soft and round.
I think I'm in love...

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