Jesus Knew My Name

You did not get to hold me
No, you did not get to see
All the things a baby does,
Simply weren't for me.

-But do not cry in sorrow
And do not cry in shame.
See, all your prayers were answered,
Because Jesus knew my name.

I know it may not feel like it;
But He did just as He said.
From my little tiny feet,
To the curls atop my head.

He healed this vessle made of flesh,
To look just like my brother.
But it was my little heart He stopped,
While speaking to my mother.

For my appointed time was spent
Inside my mommy's womb;
But He did hear all your voices pray:
"Not now Lord, it's too soon..."

While deep in secret my tiny frame
He skillfully had wrought.
There were so many questions,
The only answer was "Fear not."

I did not have a choice you see,
Now please do understand.
I would have liked to meet you all,
But that was never in His plan.

For no, I'm not an angel
-With wings fluttering about;
But I have heard all the angels sing
Praises in joyful shout!

But in a shady almond grove
Is where my shell shall be...
Until the day He returns and says
"Charlotte, come to me..."

I'm in the best place I could be,
And you can love me just the same
I'm cradled in the Shepards' arms,
For Jesus knew my name.

Christine Curry 1/20/07


  1. Mark 10:14 and John 10:28,29...Randy Hudgins,at

  2. Wow. That is fabulous. I copied it and put our son's name in at the end. Thank you so much. It is beautiful---the best poem I've read on the topic so far.

    Young Mama ;)