It's a GIRL (July 31st)

Hello all of my MOPS friends! I had my first "real" ultrasound this morning and was very pleased with the results. The tech says we're expecting a baby GIRL!! As most of you know, there is 13 years between this baby and my daughter (with 2 boys in between) so needless to say, we're pretty excited.

I know that sometimes things are too soon to tell and I may have to
schedule another exam in a couple of weeks because everything was
small, but there weren't any "boy" parts yet, and the tech said she
believes she saw 'girl parts'. So I'll hold to that for a while:)

Just wanted to share he good news with all of my friends.
Hope you all have a great week,

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  1. I just want to say I found your blog by searching for "Jesus, bring the rain". I lost my firstborn as an infant and understand the deep grief and loss that continues over the years. Yet, God is all sufficient and, in the end, everything will be made right and all things will become clear.