Email response: re:Jesus Knew My Name

Subject: RE: Jesus Knew My Name

Dear Christine,

Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem with me. It made me weep with
tears of understanding, joy, sadness, hope, and other things that I don't
even know how to name. I am so blessed to know that the Lord is holding you
so close to him, and whispering sweet and comforting words of love to your
heart, for you could not write so beautifully about Him and Charlotte if
that were not the case. I praise Him for loving you so much! Even though
it does still hurt me to think about all that you have been through. I am
comforted that Jesus has been with you at every turn, and for the blessing
that you have been to countless souls, saints and sinners alike. The Lord
only knows all the untold good that will be borne out of your faithful walk
through the valley of the shadow of death as a faithful soldier of Christ.

You and your family are in my prayers,


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