MoM to mOm


First if all I want to thank you for all of your continued prayers and
support during this difficult time for me and my family. The
intersession on my behalf has been phenomenal, I truly mean this. I do
have another request however...

While trying to learn more about my daughter's possible disorder, I
came across a website (more like a chat, message board) where parents
with babies with cysts on their brains come together. I have been
careful not to trust too heavily on the words of man for comfort, but
to turn to our Heavenly Father, the Creator and Sustainer of all things
to lead me in this.There was such good news on this site though that I
was encouraged!

Anyway, long story short, there is a woman on the site whom I have much
in common with. (Her name is also Christine, 4th pregnancy, Doc appt
last week said they found 3 more markers, same due date, etc) But there
are also some differences. She and her husband elected to have an
amnio and it came back positive for T18. She is now considering what
the doc's are calling a "therapeutic termination" to be performed next
week. Oh how my heart aches!

So I am asking you ladies for MORE prayer for me as I try to be a
strong witness for Christ in speaking with her some more. I don't know
her religious affiliation, but I feel like God is using my situation,
yet again, to take a stand for him.

Sometimes I wonder who He has created in me, as I feel so
little in comparison to the things He asks me to do.

So please pray that I will have the right words and the strength to
pray for this other family and that ANY decision made will glorify Him.

Christine Curry

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