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From: Lori Kelly
Subject: From my friend Tessie -

Hi Christine,

I sent Tessie your pictures and Poem and she went them to a group we were in together. We were praying.... I wanted to pass on the email she sent out, I thought it was good. Are you going tomorrow? I have been feeling pretty bad today. I am going to try and make it...

See you!


I know we spoke of this lady in our group and her very rough pregnancy...all
the things wrong with her baby and then the miracle God did by healing
little baby Charlotte....

Charlotte's body was healed and the deformities gone, her mother Christine
was allowed to see her baby girl without all the physical ailments that she
had during ultrasounds. God gave Christine and Brian a perfect little babies body....but
God still wanted Charlotte and she never breathed our air, for Charlotte was
not born of this world.
She was always intended for His glory. And today Charlotte is with Him and
her worldly family goes on.

Attached are the pictures that her mother, Christine had taken the day
Charlotte was born into this world, without her heart beating.
Though sad this story is, ultimately it is a story of real faith, and trust
in how God healed Christine's beautiful baby girl, for an eternity in Heaven
with Him.

I admire her strength and faith, through everything, the doctors advice, the
trials of a baby that could have been born with so many birth defects, and
Christine didn't sway in her decision or faith to let the Lord do whatever his plan was. Some day I hope to have such faith, where my decisions are solely based on my love and
trust in our Lord Jesus Christ.

May God bless and keep Christine and her family, and thank God for
Charlotte; and how she brought so many to prayer.
Only God knows our future, and the why's...........we need just Trust in
what He wants for us and those we love. Look beyond the loss and to what
He did for and through this amazing little baby girl, Charlotte. May
we all remember, anything is possible with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Here is a poem that Christine, Charlotte's mother wrote after the Lord took
her Baby girl home to be with him.

Jesus Knew My Name

You did not get to hold me
No, you did not get to see
All the things a baby does,
Simply weren't for me.

But do not cry in sorrow
And do not cry in shame.
See, all your prayers were answered,
Because Jesus knew my name.

I know it may not feel like it;
But He did just as He said.
From my little tiny feet,
To the curls atop my head.

He healed this vessel made of flesh,
To look just like my brother.
But it was my little heart He stopped,
While speaking to my mother.

For my appointed time was spent
Inside my mommy's womb;
But He did hear all your voices pray:
"Not now Lord, it's too soon..."

While deep in secret my tiny frame
He skillfully had wrought.
There were so many questions,
The only answer was "Fear not."

I did not have a choice you see,
Now please do understand.
I would have liked to meet you all,
But that was never in His plan.

For no, I'm not an angel
With wings fluttering about;
But I have heard all the angels sing
Praises in joyful shout!

But in a shady almond grove
Is where my shell shall be...
Until the day He returns and says
"Charlotte, come to me..."

I'm in the best place that I could be,
And you can love me just the same.
I'm cradled in the Shepard's arms,
For Jesus knew my name.

Christine Curry 01-20-07

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