"Grief" (a poem)


I must've left the door open
Because you came in with the breeze.
Not a clamorous entry;
But a gentle rustling of the trees.

I wasn't sure if you were there-
For you hadn't left a trace.
But after looking high and low-
I found you in this place.

Behind my every tear is where
You have chose to hide.
With every beat, my heart grows sad
Knowing forever you'll abide.

Who told you that I live here?
I had sent no invitation...
I look to close the door ajar,
With deepened resignation.

You are not a friend of mine,
You are not a welcomed guest.
But somehow you're trapped inside of me,
Co-existence at it's best.

Grief, you sit beside me
Whispering ever in my ear.
Until the door opens wide again,
So the wind can dry my tears.

One day though, your name will change,
After much I'll reminisce...
You will be called "Bittersweet"
If that makes a difference.

For now I have to surrender
To the hole you've had to fill
Left by my little Charlotte,
When she was born so still.

Christine Curry 3-31-07

1 comment:

  1. How you are about to make sadness so beautiful is such a gift from God. I still tear up all this time later.